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Philips boot camp

Curved OLED, 2016

Philips boot camp 2016: Curved OLED

Philips Lighting is always looking into new technologies for future products. In the design boot camp, four teams explored the possibilities of curved OLED in a competitive setting. Curved OLED panels are thin, have a uniform light distribution, and can be curved to increase form freedom. This enables new types of luminaires and light applications.

In one week, each team was challenged to explore the curved OLED technology and design a luminaire with curved OLEDs. The teams worked on a prototype of their design along with a business case. During the week the teams were supported by Philips’ R&D and design professionals. The week ended with pitches of each team to a jury. Each idea was scored on design, manufacturing, use of curved OLED, business case, and invention. 

Skills used: Design, Rapid prototyping, Business case development, Presenting & Pitching

Duration: 1 week

Group: Team of 4 Industrial Design students.


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