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Individual project, 3rd semester bachelor. Service Design, commissioned by Adecco.(International recruitment agency)

Using in-depth market and user research, I designe a tool to help creatives (including designers) to find suiting jobs efficiently. 

The first half of the project was extensive research, the second half was focussed on tranforming the research into a useful service, that allows Adecco to help connect companies to creatives – by focussing on the vision, identity and skills of both parties.


“The work of Gerke touched in a wide spectrum of steps in the design process. This was a generalist experience that helped him grow while getting him in the first contact with service design.”

– Jorge Alves Lino, project coach


“This project was very demanding. […] Gerke had to very quickly learn how to do research and questionnaires in order to start working on his own.

I was particularly impressed with the quality of the initial research”

– Jorge Alves Lino, project coach


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